Strawberry Communities

UkraineSINCE 01/02/2010

The “Ukraine Strawberry Communities” project increased the production of regional and sustainable strawberries in Ukraine through a strawberry farming cooperative.

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Ukraine is facing significant migration away from the countryside and into big cities, which has caused rural agricultural land to go unused. When it comes to strawberries, Ukrainian farmers have some experience in growing the fruit but lack the equipment and agronomical expertise to scale up production. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, DanTrade, the procurement entity of Danone, and its local partner ICF Community Wellbeing, the Ukraine Strawberry Communities project is supporting the development of new sustainable sources of strawberries. A cooperative organization has been established to rent available farmland, invest in equipment, and employ and train farmers in sustainable strawberry production.

Through job creation and local economic development, the project combats rural migration and supports the development of a local strawberry value chain. 

Under the picture, some generated results.

€ 2 M

in co-funding


Jobs created


Farmers with an increase or secured revenue