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First 1,000 Days Institute

IndonesiaSINCE 11/12/2012

The "First 1,000 Days Institute" in Indonesia works to support mothers and reduce infant and child mortality by training and certifying midwives.

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Indonesian babies can have health and nutrition issues during the first 1,000 days. This partly reflects a lack of awareness and knowledge, and also a need to increase the technical skills of midwives, who play a critical role in taking care of mothers and newborns.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Sari Husada and its local partner, the national humanitarian agency PKPU, co-created the First 1,000 Days Institute to help reduce infant and child mortality. The academy co-designed a Ministry of Health-endorsed first 1,000 Days curriculum, as well as toolkits to upskill Indonesian midwives and health worker managers. All the training materials were designed in collaboration with relevant and recognized professional organizations.

Along with producing lower rates of stunting and low birthweight, and increasing breastfeeding rates, the Institute has also helped to raise incomes for midwives.

The project was handed over in 2018, and has since been independent.

€ 944 K

in co-funding

6 000

People with an increased or secured revenue

115 000

Mothers sensitized to nutrition by midwives and community leaders