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Best onco care for me



More than 100,000 new cancer patients every year, and an increasing number of cancer survivors suffering from chronic disabilities, require continuous attention. Holland’s new public health policy focuses on patient empowerment and involving patients in treatment choices to make them actors in their journey and to reduce cancer-related costs.

Nutricia aims to raise awareness of the importance of adapted nutrition for patient recovery. 


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Nutricia and NFK co-created the “Best Onco Care For Me” project to drive and facilitate the practical implementation of patient empowerment and self-management, and to facilitate the new role of oncology nurses and general practitioners. The project creates a Ministry of Health-accredited educational program for general practitioners and nurses as well as an online monitoring platform for patients, providing nutritional and physical guidance at all stages of the disease and recovery, thereby contributing to better recovery. 



The “Best Onco Care for Me” project empowers patients, contributes to their recovery and improves their quality of life to support their return to employment. It also boosts skills in the health professions.

Nutricia is raising awareness of the importance of adapted nutrition and physical exercise for cancer patients and reinforcing relationships with health professionals.

General Interest
This project promotes a new approach for a better recovery and helps reduce consumption of healthcare services, while empowering patients.