Warung Anak Sehat

IndonesiaSINCE 08/02/2011

The “Warung Anak Sehat” also called "Canteen Ladies" project in Indonesia seeks to improve child nutrition by educating parents, and by empowering women entrepreneurs who are opening health food kiosks inside urban schools.

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In Indonesia, 40% of children are stunted due to lack and unhealthy food intake, even while 15% of children under age five are obese. This phenomenon is partly because schools lack cantines, leading children to purchase food from street vendors—which is often unhealthy.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Danone Indonesia and its local partner, the Food Bank of Indonesia, co-created the “Warung Anak Sehat” - project. The project is helping women entrepreneurs launch a network of health food kiosks located inside schools. It also offers nutrition training to parents, teachers, and school kids, in order to promote choosing healthier options.

Overall, the project is empowering women, creating jobs, and reducing child malnutrition by facilitating access to affordable, healthy food.

The project was handed over in 2019 and is now independent.

Danone Ecosystem's CANTEEN LADIES project won the 2021 GEEIS-SDG Award for its solutions addressing economic and health challenges in Indonesia. To discover the press release : [CLICK HERE]

€ 1.7 M

in co-funding


Micro-entrepreneurs with increased or secured revenues

81 000

Children and parents buying healthy snacks at the food kiosks