FranceSINCE 24/11/2014

To protect Evian watershed long term, Terragr'Eau project creates a biodigester to process manure locally and develops a cooperative of farmers to support the implementation of sustainable fertilizing practices.

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The development of industrial agriculture comes with an increased risk of nitrate pollution. 60% of surface land over the Evian spring’s watershed is used for agriculture, but mineral water has to meet very strict quality standards for purity, composition, stability and nitrate levels. Adapting farming practices to respond to these risks requires major investment, which threatens the livelihoods of family farmers who can’t afford such expenditure.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Evian, the Communauté de Communes du Pays d’Evian and SICA Terragr’Eau Methanisation, the Terragr’eau project built a biodigester to turn cattle manure and organic waste from the surrounding municipalities into biogas for Evian city and organic compost for fertilising local land.
For the cooperative of farmers in charge of spreading operations, this helps reduce fertiliser costs by 70% and supports the development of sustainable agricultural thanks to the limited use of chemical nitrate fertilizers.
The project monitors the quality of drinking water, and helps avoid the use of water purification treatments for rural communities.
Terragr'eau raises awareness about the importance of nitrate management in agriculture and promotes local development while protecting long-term spring water quality in Evian.

Under the picture, some generated results.

€ 10.8 M

in co-funding


Farmers with better working conditions


People drinking tap water from Evian, protected by the project


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