MexicoSINCE 13/06/2014

To support employment opportunities for underprivileged women from deprived areas of Mexico City, Semilla provides them with the opportunities, training and resources needed to join the Semilla sales force.

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Mexico is a country of acute wealth inequality. Women are particularly vulnerable, having difficulty accessing secure jobs in the formal economy but then being exposed to risks such as violence in the informal economy. Danone Mexico, meanwhile, aims to raise awareness on balanced nutrition in poor urban areas and to support the creation of new distribution channels. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Danone Mexico and its local partner Ashoka, the Semilla project creates formal employment opportunities for underprivileged women in Mexico. Life skills training, start-up equipment and employment/ entrepreneurship opportunities are offered to underprivileged women, who can join a Danone Mexico Semilla door-to-door yogurt sales force.

The project supports the development of formal economic activities in urban areas. It creates jobs and supports and empowers women, restoring their sense of self-esteem and offering education opportunities. Danone Mexico meanwhile tested new distribution channels in Mexico, and builds brand preference among consumers.

€ 2.5 M

in funding


Micro-entrepreneurs trained


Female micro-entrepreneurs trained