Sales School Mifta Ennajah

AlgeriaSINCE 02/04/2012

The Sales School Mifta Ennajah project has created a dedicated center offering to young Algerians from vulnerable families, diploma programs and jobs opportunities in the field of sales.

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Algeria’s high youth unemployment levels are creating numerous social challenges. At the same time the country is in need of trained sales professionals, with big companies as Danone Djurdjura looking to identify a qualified sales force and address the challenge of its high staff turnover. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Danone Djurdjura, Cevital and the CACI (Chambre Algérienne de Commerce et d’Industrie), the Sales School project teaches sales skills to young men and women without formal qualifications, or working in the informal sector. This training enables them to access the formal job market within the area of sales, either at Danone or with other companies.

This project contributes to helping disadvantaged young Algerians into jobs. By supporting the development of sales professionals, Danone creates a pool of qualified employees for its company, combats high staff turnover and stabilizes its sales force. This project also strengthens its employer brand image.

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