Reine Mathilde

FranceSINCE 15/11/2010

The Reine Mathilde project strengthens the production of organic milk in Normandie in France, encouraging the implementation of sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices.

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Reine Mathilde is a multi-partner project that fosters the production of organic milk in the Normandie region in France. The project is jointly developed by Danone Ecosystem, Danone France and Les 2 Vaches together with Institut de l’Elevage and key public and local partners.

The project started in 2010 and has been supporting farmers, veterinarians, technical experts, field advisors, academic institutions and rural communities on the conversion towards organic milk and regenerative agriculture. Reine Mathilde has contributed to improving herd management, increasing feed autonomy, reducing carbon footprint, preserving biodiversity and ultimately, strengthening resilient and profitable farming systems.
Reine mathilde also consolidates a network of passionate partners that promote the dissemination of innovative organic farming techniques thanks to demonstration farms located in different areas of Normandie - with a model that has the potential to be replicated in other regions.

Under the photography, some of the project's ambitions.

€ 2.9 M

in co-funding


people trained to sustainable agriculture practices


Surface of permanent grasslands


Humans of ecosystem

Carl Guilbert


Antoine de Vaubernier

Project Manager