Plastic Bank

PhilippinesSINCE 24/04/2019

The "Plastic Bank Pilot" project aims to promote a circular economy by creating a special waste collection center in the Philippines, which encourages recycling behaviours by treating plastic garbage as a currency.

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This project is based on the creation of a sorting and conditioning center for recovered plastic, which functions like a bank: waste pickers can register in the system and be paid for each piece of trash bought in.

This concept has existed since 2013 and has added significant social impact to recycling, alongside environmental gains. A mobile app keeps track of the members' activities and blockchain technology is used to store the data and facilitate the transactions.

The system aims to reward the best pickers and could allow them to access greater responsibilities. By it's unique model, it aims to support informal waste pickers, providing them better working conditions and secure livelihoods while ensuring long-term professional empowerment.

Here are some of the project's ambitions under the photography.

€ 104 K

in co-funding


people with increased or secured revenues


T PET collected/year