FranceSINCE 19/05/2020

The ambition of Pachamama project is to support French fruit, vegetable and cereal farmers in their journey to improve soil quality and increase biodiversity through regenerative agriculture.

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Pachamama is a project to support French farmers of fruits, vegetables and cereals in their transition to regenerative agriculture. It aims to formalize & disseminate farming practices that protect soils by increasing organic matter content to store carbon and promote the micro-organic life involved in soil fertility, improve biodiversity and water resources, and empower a new generation of farmers.

The project is a partnership between Danone Ecosystem, French NGOs Pour une Agriculture Du Vivant & Fredon Bretagne, the Ardo Group and Danone subsidiary Bledina. It covers the following actions:
• Identifying pilot farmers willing to implement regenerative agriculture on their farms, and measuring a regeneration index and environmental indicators to evaluate agroecological results and co-construct a progress plan;
• Increasing biodiversity at the farm level through implementation of birdhouses and flower strips;
• Ensuring agronomic and economic support and follow-up based on training, access to external expertise, development of economic tools and workshops with actors along the food chain ;
• Creating a cooperative network gathering farmers, technicians and other partners to share and disseminate lessons learned from the project and amplify knowledge about regenerative agriculture.

This 3-year project will train 100 farmers and technicians on regenerative agriculture, measure and improve economic and environmental performance on farms, while sensitizing 16,660 people on regenerative agriculture and improving the public perception of farmers and agriculture.

Under the photography, some of the project's ambitions.

€ 2.6 M

in co-funding


people trained by 2023


Nest boxes installed by 2023