OMDA Sahteen

EgyptSINCE 10/05/2012

To improve quality of life in rural Egyptian communities through health and nutrition awareness, OMDA Sahteen is creating job opportunities via micro-distribution and education on health.

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In Egypt, 60% of the population lives in poor rural areas affected by both unemployment and child malnutrition. Many families lack the necessary knowledge and education on healthy diets. Setting up conventional distribution channels in these areas is a challenge for Danone Egypt. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Danone Egypt and Ashoka Arab World, the OMDA Sahteen project is supporting people in rural and peri-urban areas in setting themselves up as micro-distributors and in educating communities on health and nutrition. Opportunities for entrepreneurship are available for local people to develop a micro-distribution network across Egypt, with micro-distributors gaining access to micro-credit to enable the purchase of fridges and vehicles so they can maintain the cold chain. A percentage of sales from this new channel is dedicated to finance education to the families to promote healthier practices.

In contributing to improving nutrition and employment in rural Egyptian areas, Danone Egypt is establishing new local distribution channels through entrepreneurs’ networks in rural areas and raising awareness on balanced nutrition.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2017.

€ 2.3 M

in funding


People trained (mainly Health promoters and sales representatives)


Households sensitized to health and good nutrition