Novo Ciclo

BrazilSINCE 05/04/2012

Novo ciclo aims to support waste management organization and improve working and living conditions for waste pickers in Brazil.

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While Brazil faces significant problems in waste management, most waste pickers work in the informal sector without any recognition or social protection. The Government is encouraging initiatives to improve their working and living conditions while also imposing stricter waste management rules on companies. Danone is adopting a socially innovative approach to comply with the new Brazilian waste law while managing the end of life of its products.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Danone Brazil and its partners Fundación Avina, the Initiative for Inclusive Regional Recycling (IRR), the Nenuca Institute for Sustainable Development (INSEA), and local authorities, the Novo Ciclo project tackles the national issue of waste management.

The project aims to professionalize waste pickers through the creation of a regional cooperative network to facilitate the organization of the new value chain. It has invested in the creation of waste management centers and the implementation of smartphone technology to support the management of the cooperatives. Trainings have been offered to help waste pickers manage their own business independently. In addition to consolidating existing jobs, Novo Ciclo has created new jobs in a safer working environment. It has raised awareness about both the importance of waste management and conditions for waste pickers and developed knowledge sharing programs in order to leverage cooperatives.

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€ 4.8M

in co-funding


Wastepickers and technicians with an increased or secured revenue


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