FranceSINCE 13/09/2018

The Milpa project champions the development of organic agriculture in France by supporting fruit and vegetables farmers during their transition to organic agriculture and implementation of soil protection practices.

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In France, the organic market for fruit and vegetables is thriving, driven by citizen consumers who are increasingly conscious and selective about their food choices—for their own health and for the planet. Nevertheless, the organic agri-food system has to be developed further, and there is room for improvement, particularly on soil protection.

The combination of regenerative agriculture and organic farming allows to protect soils, address soil degradation challenges and provide farmers with more resilient and sustainable cropping systems.

In order to support the development of local organic and regenerative agriculture, Danone Ecosystem joined forces with Danone subsidiary Blédina, ITAB (French Technical Institute for Organic Agriculture) and FNAB (French Federation for Organic Farmers) to launch the Milpa project.

This 3-year project is organized around 3 pillars : bringing technical and financial support to help French fruits and vegetables producers convert to regenerative agriculture; implementing actions to improve soil health and enhance biodiversity; sharing knowledge gained and creating a sustainable community of farmers, technicians and partners to scale up the model across the industry in the future.

Under the photography, some of the project's ambitions.

€ 4.3 M

in co-funding


farmers trained on cost price estimation


farmers trained on soil quality