Milky Way

TunisiaSINCE 21/03/2013

To develop better farming practices and drive regional rural development in Tunisia, Milky Way supports farmers with management and technical training, provides technical support, and provides access to microcredit for farmers who want to expand their operations.

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Smallholders, or those with less than twenty cows, make up 80% of the Tunisian agricultural market. They have no access to credit and lack the technical and management skills needed to make the transition to medium-scale farming. Meanwhile, Délice-Danone wishes to reinforce its milk supply chain and improve milk quality. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Délice-Danone, ADIE International and l’Institut de l’Elevage, the Milky Way project is aimed at professionalizing farmers through technical and management training. Farmers receive support from young professionals trained by the project and gain access to microcredit, developing better farming practices around collection centers.

The project supports rural development and promotes a new farming model in Tunisia. It has contributed to creating or consolidating jobs for technicians, as well as jobs in collection centers, while increasing farmer's revenues, and allowed Délice-Danone to secure its milk sourcing in Tunisia. 

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€ 790 K

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Farmers and technicians trained


HA of sustainable agriculture



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