Milk Business Academy

RussiaSINCE 04/12/2012

Milk Business Academy is a learning farm in Russia, providing training on the field to increase Russian milk farmers’ long-term productivity and ensuring a high quality milk supply.

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Russia, a strategic dairy market for Danone, is facing an overall herd decline. Milk production is falling and farmers lack management and organizational skills. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Danone Russia and its local partners the Milk Business Academy (co-founded with the National Farmers’ Association Souzmoloko), the Milk Business Academy project aims to improve Russian farmers’ livelihoods, through long-term productivity and high quality milk supply. With the help of dairy experts (Agriculture Universities), an educational demo-farm with 100 cows provides in situ agronomical training. The academy promotes sustainable practices in areas such as animal welfare, feed systems, breeding, milk quality and good milking practices. The project also supports farmers via long-term contracts with clients.

Beneficial impacts include the creation of jobs in the demo farm, and farmers being empowered with new skills. Under the picture, some generated results.

€ 1.9 M

in co-funding


Farmers trained