SenegalSINCE 07/03/2016

Kosam aims to increase the production of sustainable milk in Senegal in a way that is profitable for all, developing and disseminating sustainable resilient farming models and helping farmers increase their income.

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The smallholders who make up the agricultural market in Senegal have low volumes of production, meaning most citizens of Senegal instead consume imported milk powder. La Laiterie du Berger aims to support small-scale farming in Senegal, increasing the volumes of milk available from local farming communities. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, La Laiterie du Berger and its local partner, SOS Sahel, the Kosam project provides market access to farmers, and strengthens production by developing and disseminating sustainable and resilient farming models and services. The project trains farmers in an incubator farm and promotes a circular economy through the use of a local cane sugar byproduct as animal feed.

As well as empowering small farmers by improving their revenue and expertise, the project has created jobs and supports sustainable agriculture and local development. La Laiterie du Berger was able to reinforce its local milk supply. 

Under the picture, some generated results.

€ 693 K

in co-funding


Farmers with an increased or secured revenue


Jobs created