IndonesiaSINCE 24/02/2012

To protect Pusur’s watershed in Klaten, Indonesia, Klaten project empowered farmers around Danone AQUA factory by promoting sustainable agriculture – especially water and soil management – and helped them sell their agricultural products through specific distribution networks.

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Rural livelihoods around Pusur River in Indonesia were endangered by multiple factors such as poor water and environmental management and low willingness of young people to do farming. Farming practices in the region are not sustainable, making the rural ecosystem extremely fragile. Meanwhile, good mineral water had to meet very strict quality standards for purity, composition, stability and nitrate levels, hence protecting this watershed was critical to maintain the volume and quality of water. With support from Danone Ecosystem, Danone AQUA and its local partner LPTP, Klaten project aimed to improve the people livelihood through farming programs, animal husbandry programs and the establishment of home industries. These initiatives allowed them to partially fund infrastructure such as rehabilitating irrigation systems, maintaining roads and other public facilities.

In supporting rural economic development and sustainable agriculture in Indonesia, AQUA was securing the quality of its mineral water supply in the region and establishing a new kind of relationship with local and national authorities. The project was an important element to secure AQUA license to operate.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2013. Under the picture, some generated results.

€ 1.66 M

in funding


Farmers trained


Farmers who benefited from microcredit services