Inclusive Recycling Indonesia

IndonesiaSINCE 02/10/2020

The "Inclusive Recycling Indonesia" project aims to tackle the problem of packaging waste in Indonesia by helping recycling circuits to organize themselves, and by supporting their main stakeholders.

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Inclusive Recycling Indonesia (IRI) is a project that contributes to increasing the waste collection rate in Indonesia and reducing marine littering by 70% by 2025.
Danone Ecosystem, Danone-AQUA, Veolia, and YPCII have joined forces to support as second life for packaging waste through 3 streams: sorting center, collection centers, and river interception.

In every loop, IRI aims to empower waste management’s front line workers, like waste pickers, to have a better livelihood, access to training and better working conditions. The project aims to create a pioneer river interception model and to increase the efficiency of sorting sites. Through public messaging campaigns, IRI also engages consumers at the household level to reshape their behavior, encourage waste reduction, and reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

Through the improvement of both formal and informal collection, the project will also contribute to AQUA's rPET needs by 30% at 2025. 

Here are some of the project's ambitions under the photography.

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Employees with workers' insurance


tons of waste collected since 2020