H’lib Bladi

MoroccoSINCE 31/08/2015

H’lib Bladi aims to expand and anchor sustainable milk production in Morocco: improving the revenues of small farmers and milk collection centers, while securing the volume and quality of the milk supply.

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80% of Morocco's rural population depends on agriculture. This represents 14 million people, 400,000 of whom are in the dairy supply chain. However, the sector remains uncertain for farmers and other contributors.
With the support of Danone Ecosystem, la Centrale Laitière and GIZ International, the H’lib Bladi project aims to improve the livelihoods of dairy farmers, thanks to professional expertise, increased volume and higher quality of milk.

By establishing sustainable and inclusive dairy hubs, H’lib Bladi has added structure to the currently atomized supply chain.
It has also created jobs, empowered farmers and fostered environmentally responsible farming practices. La Centrale Laitière secures the volume and quality of its milk supply while supporting a long-term vision for supply security as well as multigenerational positive social impacts.

The project aimed to demonstrate that sustainable milk production was possible and set new standards at a national level, encouraging other stakeholders to roll these practices out nationwide. Under the picture, some generated results.


€ 4 M

in co-funding


Milk collection centers renovated


People with increased revenue (farmers, project staff, milk receivers)