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Healthy Nutrition from A to Z

RussiaSINCE 11/10/2018

“Healthy nutrition from A to Z” seeks to empower teachers and establish healthy eating habits for Russian kids.

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In Russia, 40 % of children are overweight or suffer from other nutrition-related diseases. Teachers and parents sometimes feel helpless on how to provide useful tips regarding healthy and proper nutrition.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Open School and Danone Russia co-created the project “Healthy Nutrition from A to Z” to teach children the basics of balanced nutrition, and to encourage healthy eating habits by empowering teachers and parents. The project leverages mixed learning methodologies, including group projects, traditional courses, and digital tools to maximize impact. Furthermore, the project launched a social media movement to raise awareness among the general population.

The project is mainly focused on:

>Education for teachers, kids, and parents on nutrition topics through digital and online courses

>Launching a social media and advertisement campaign to raise awareness about healthy nutrition

This project empowers teachers through mixed learning methodology on sustainable nutrition so that they can integrate these kinds of practices within the school system. It also contributes to the health and quality of life of children who are overweight or obese, or suffer from other nutrition-related diseases by empowering their families and teachers to be more aware of the basics of healthy nutrition.

€ 370K

in co-funding

35 000

Expected number of kids sensitized thanks to the program

2 000

Expected number of trained teachers about nutrition