Eyes Wide Open

MexicoSINCE 13/02/2015

To support social inclusion for blind people in Mexico and improve their working conditions in the subway, Eyes Wide Open provides entrepreneurship training and creates new opportunities to become a successful vendor in Mexico City.

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In Mexico City, people with disabilities are isolated from the labor market. Authorities are looking at ways to support social inclusion, including by providing allocated spots in the subway system where blind people can sell products. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Bonafont and its local partner Yo quiero Yo puedo (Mexican Institute of Family and Population Research), the Eyes Wide Open project aims to train and empower blind people in Mexico City currently selling water in the subway. The project provides entrepreneurship training to support them, build their life skills and encourage them to create new sales opportunities. It also brings social benefits to them and their families.

The project supports the recognition of blind people in Mexico and encourages their social inclusion, improving working conditions, revenues and fullness of life for blind people currently vending in the subway.

€ 993 K

in funding


Blind people with secured or increased revenue


Blind people with access to medical services