De Medici

ItalySINCE 31/03/2011

To improve sales execution in retail channels, the De Medici project empowered disadvantaged older people who struggled to find employment by developing a social business and creating jobs.

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Italy is facing a critical unemployment rate among disadvantaged over-fifties. The Italian retail sector meanwhile is very fragmented and inefficient, with Mellin wishing to improve point of sale expertise in order to maximize sales execution. With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Mellin collaborated with local partner Spazio Aperto to co-create the De Medici project. It supported the creation and development of a social business based on the existing cooperative, Spazio Aperto. The new cooperative created jobs for disadvantaged over-fifties, providing added-value merchandising services to Fast Moving Consumer Good companies.

In creating earning opportunities among older disadvantaged people impacted by the current job crisis, including by enabling them to take up retail careers, Mellin strengthened its reputation among stakeholders and key opinion leaders and fosters good sales execution in retail channels. The project does not operate anymore.

The project was exited in 2015.

€ 137 K

in funding


Family members benefiting from an increased or secured revenue