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United StatesSINCE 03/02/2014

The “Children’s Magic” project built a game-changing coalition in the United Stats to improve access to amino acid-based formulas for children suffering from food allergies, to make pediatric medical food affordable, and to provide complementary services for parents.

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A growing number of infants and children in the USA depend on amino acid-based formulas for their daily nutrition, but low-income families have difficulties accessing these products.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Nutricia and its local partner, Children’s Magic, co-created the CMNUA project. It aims to improve access to amino acid-based formulas for infants and children suffering from food allergies. To do so, the project educates families to help them better understand their children’s conditions and connects families to each other so they can provide mutual support. CMNUA is also working to build an institutional coalition to make medical food affordable for children, and helps support parents through a period of lost income, and to eventually resume work.

This project improves living standards by reducing families’ medical fees, and contributing to the health and wellbeing of both children and parents.

The project handed over in 2017 and is now independent. 

€ 1.3 M

in co-funding

35 000

Family members benefiting from more affordable medical food for their children