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Thailand SINCE 24/04/2019

The “BANYAN” project supports children from low-income families in Thailand, and helps them reach their potential through a network of sustainable and qualitative Day Care Centers.

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In Thailand, children are faced with major public health challenges: 32% of children under age four have anemia, and 48% have iron deficiency, which can lead to both cognitive and physical underdevelopment.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Dumex, Holt, Nutricia and its local partner Thailand’s National Council for Child and Youth Development (NCYD) co-created the “BANYAN” program to provide quality day-care for children from low-income families. Overall, the project helps these children to achieve their full potential by promoting good nutrition, hydration and cognitive development during the first 1,000 days. In addition to providing day-care, the program trains Health Care Professionals, parents and community health workers on these topics. Yet, we believe we can positively influence kids’ long-term health capital and best chances in life.

By anchoring proper nutrition in various stages of childhood development and providing services to low-income families, the project's actions tackle social inequality, positively impact long-term health capital, and help Thai children reach their lifelong potential.

€ 1,1 M

in co-funding


Number of kids / families who benefited from DDC


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