Animal Welfare

FranceSINCE 11/12/2019

This project aims to sensitize dairy farmers and improve animal welfare standards in French milk production.

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In recent years, French consumers became more concerned on Animal Welfare, and according to the European Union, 64% of people want to have more information on animal care conditions. Livestock farming conditions pose social, economic and environmental challenges for the dairy sector, and for farmers in particular. In this context, Danone Ecosystem, IDELE (French livestock institute), Les Prés Rient Bio, Danone Produits Frais France and local partners joined forces to create the "Animal Welfare" project that supports conventional and organic French milk producers in the continuous improvement of their livestock farming practices.

The project aims to sensitize partner farmers on the well-being of dairy herds thanks to an established evaluation method, while carrying out trials on innovative practices that intend to improve both cows' health & well being and the economical performance of farms.
The goal is to continuously improve the breeding practices of partner producers and disseminate best practices to all actors in the sector.

Under the picture, some of the project's objectives.


€ 1.3 M

in co-funding


farmers sensitized by 2022


/100, average animal welfare score in the audited farms