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Alimentando el Cambio

Spain SINCE 01/11/2019

“Alimentando El Cambio” promotes behavioral changes towards healthy and sustainable living habits.

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In Spain, 41% of children aged from 6 to 9 are overweight or obese, the second highest prevalence of childhood obesity in Europe. 80% of them will go on to suffer from obesity as adults.

With support from Danone Ecosystem, Danone Spain, Fundación Trilema, and its local partner Ashoka co-created the “Alimentando el Cambio” project. The goal of the “Alimentando el Cambio” movement is to Spanish youth the power to improve their eating and drinking habits by surrounding them with role-models and support:  school directors, teachers, and canteen monitors.

Danone Ecosystem supports the FLUYE program, run by the Trilema Association, as a key component of the “Alimentando el Cambio” movement. FLUYE educates kids in schools around healthy lifestyle choices. The curricular content of FLUYE helps children to be responsible for their own care. The project also aims to educate kids about where food comes from and its impact on the planet.

The project focuses on training school teachers and canteen monitors on health and sustainable dietary habits, and ways to change behavior. It helps children reduce poor eating habits by providing access to the knowledge and tools necessary to make healthier food choices, resulting in improved quality of life.

€ 1,9 M

in co-funding

92 000

Expected number of kids and parents who will benefit from the program FLUYE

2 900

Expected number of professionals trained and empowered