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Ageing Well

SINCE 07/12/2010

Three independent projects in Ireland, France and Spain work to improve personal autonomy for elderly people by offering appropriate physical training and individual nutritional advices through dedicated physical educators and nutritional advisors in retirement homes.

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In many countries, ageing populations are creating a multiplicity of new health challenges. In 2010 the “Bien Vieillir” project  was co-created in France to offer a program that combined individual nutritional advice and physical training to improve elderly people’s health and wellbeing. The program model was designed to be easy to replicate, which enabled the concept to be rolled out subsequently in Ireland and Spain. Overall, a total of 1040 physical educators have been trained in in these three countries.

With the support of the Danone Ecosystem, Nutricia’s France, Spain, and Ireland divisions, and the Siel Bleu Foundation co-created a program preventing malnutrition and accidents among the elderly, helping them to maintain their autonomy, and thereby improving their health and quality of life.

Each specific project differs slightly by country : 

>In France - Bien Vieillir, Nutricia and Siel Bleu intervened in senior’s day centers and retirement homes;

>In Ireland - Ageing Well, they intervened in retirement homes, then scaled the project to include people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease;

>In Spain - ActiVIDA, they participated in a study evaluating the impact of the combination of physical activity and adapted nutrition among the elderly, and connected the project to specific quality indicators used in elderly home assessments.

These projects were handed over in 2018, and are now independent.

€ 4 M

in co-funding (all three projects combined)


Physical educators trained (all three projects combined)

273 000

Elderly people sensitized to adapted nutrition and physical exercise (all three projects combined)