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Long Term Nurses Academy (Bridge)

PolandSINCE 23/11/2018

The "Long Term Nurse Academy" project is improving post-discharge patient care by using long-term nurses as a bridge between hospitals and outpatients.

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In Poland, nurses have very little recognition and lack access to the continuous training that sustains and advances their skills in the long run. Complex working conditions lead 50% of nurses to work double jobs, or leave for employment in other countries. Patients also suffer from the absence of an existing care path for dependent patients at home. This situation leads patients to solicit untrained nurses or informal carers—a phenomenon that generates high frustrations for both.

With the support of Danone Ecosystem, Nutricia, Udarowcy and Supreme Chamber of Nurses created the “Long Term Nurses Academy”—the first systemic program in Poland in which nurses obtain certification on how to take care of long-term patients. In particular, nurses are trained on wound healing, medical nutrition, rehabilitation and patient rights.

The "Long Term Nurses Academy" project is transforming in-depth the Polish health care system by highlighting the importance of at-home care, as well as the important role of nurses. 


KPI breakdown based on 2022 impact results: 

We trained 1688 nurses and each of them has estimated 15 patients that need nutritional education hence the number 25000+. 

€ 880K

in co-funding

25 000+

expected number of patients sensitized to nutrition and health

1 680+

Expected number of nurses empowered through the obtention of a qualification