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A new booklet on Ecosystem commitment toward Women Empowerment has been launched !

couverture WEThis booklet has been presenting to the Ecosystem community at the “5 Years Anniversary” event of October 8th and 9th. It aims at capturing five years of experience during which Ecosystem has been helping women in the field increasing their skills and independence.

The writing of this booklet has been directed by Sama Taneja Ecosystem coordinator in Asia. Many women from different areas and backgrounds have shared their experience and have contributed to formalize best practices and identify challenges.

According to Sama Taneja’s words: « This booklet is a humble attempt to contribute to the subject of Women Empowerment by presenting to you our learnings on this topic. We have throughout this booklet, ensured that we bring you these learnings with key insights from our experts and project partners.»


Why the Ecosystem fund is tackling this issue?

70% of the poor people in the world are women, even though they account for 50% of the world’s population. Although women perform 67% of the hours worked in the world, they only earn 10% of the world’s income. Promoting Women Empowerment allows to tackle the issue of development in its entirety.

Jean-Christophe Laugée, Director of the Ecosystem Fund and of Social Innovation at Danone, explains: “Women did not explicitly form part of the Fund’s aims at the start; we were not planning to address empowerment issues in a different manner for men and women. However, we quickly realized that the conditions for the success of our projects were closely related to the position of women, and that this issue was key to our initiatives which aimed at promoting a more inclusive economy.”


What the Ecosystem Fund had done for women during these last 5 years?

Around 30 projects out of the 60 Ecosystem projects have tackled Women Empowerment issues. These five past years, the Ecosystem projects have permitted to empower more than 13 500 women and to create around 1 500 jobs for women.

map 29 projects WE

Ana Bella Estevez has been interviewed at the “5 Years Anniversary” event and explained us: “Thank to Danone, which was the pioneer in offering valuable jobs in front of the public, women victim of domestic violence are not hidden anymore. They are not the problem anymore. We are part of the solution, we are empowered women. (…) I want to thank Danone Spain, I want to thank Danone Ecosystem for making this possible. For the first time we appeared in the newspaper in Spain not because we were victims but because we are changing the world and because we are an economic force for companies.” Ana Bella Estevez is the founder of the Ana Bella Foundation our non-for profit partner on the Social School for Women Empowerment, a distribution project in Spain.

What have we learned during this 5 Years of experience?

  1. Understanding women in relation to their context and culture.

Co-creation has given us a concrete expertise from our local partners. This step has been done by conducting social studies on the ground and asking women about their perception of themselves

  1. Making sure women are actors of their own empowerment

The desire to change this situation has to come from them, women empowerment starts by a personal willingness and transition. The role of the Ecosystem Fund is to support them and give them the possibility to achieve their transformation.

  1. Working with local stakeholders

Men and key leaders of the local communities must be taken into this process. A continuous dialogue between the stakeholders is a key factor of success to help women in this journey.

  1. Taking into account all aspects of women’s lives

Social and economic parts of women lives have to be taken into account. Additional incomes for women are a first step, but to be sustainable the Women Empowerment needs to consider the social and political empowerment of women.

  1. Ensuring the change sustainability

Long-term achievement will depend on the establishment of strong solidarity networks and economic robustness of the projects.

A big thank you to all the contributors of this booklet!


Download this booklet HERE!

You can also download the infographies :

Social School for women empowerment





Stand by Mums

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