Wolfe’s Neck New Farmer Incubator

United StatesSINCE 16/12/2014

To encourage the next generation of organic dairy farmers, the Wolfe’s Neck project offers the first incubator farm for organic dairy farmers in the US.

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In the northeast of the USA, conventional milk production is declining. There are few organic farms, and a third of organic dairy farms are not profitable. Danone wants to develop its organic products in a very competitive environment and is therefore looking to secure its sourcing. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Stonyfield and its local partner Wolfe Neck Farm, the Wolfe’s Neck project aims to increase the amount of organic milk produced in the Northeast of the United States. The scheme encourages young farmers to convert to organic farming, with a training center offering a regional hub for research, demonstration and training in sustainable organic dairy farming and pasture management. This training center is the first incubator farm for new organic dairy farmers in the US.

This project aims at ensuring long-term sustainability of organic milk production in the state of Maine, empowering organic dairy farmers to improve their economic and environmental sustainability, creating jobs and improving Maine’s rural economy. Stonyfield, meanwhile, is securing its organic sourcing and reinforcing its brand reputation.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2017. 

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