Sustainable Model Family Farming

TurkeySINCE 05/05/2014

To support small dairy farming communities in Turkey, the Sustainable Model Family Farming project creates new common milk parlors, reinforces existing ones, and promotes sustainable practices through training and initiatives.

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Agriculture is declining in Turkey. The dairy sector suffers from a bad reputation and farmers earn very low incomes. Meanwhile, in order to increase sales, Danone Turkey wishes to secure its milk sourcing and improve the quality and volume of milk produced. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Turkey and its local partner, the Yada Foundation, the Sustainable Model Family Farming Turkey project promotes a sustainable and replicable model for individual farmers gathered in empowered organizations. To achieve this, and to support producers in developing their activity, the project is investing in central milking parlors (CMPs) as well as providing training on sustainable farming practices and management.

By increasing farmers’ incomes, this project promotes family farming and aims to encourage a new generation to take up dairy farming. The training offered will also professionalize the sector, improving the image of dairy farming. In supporting sustainable agriculture and local development Danone Turkey is enhancing reputation at the same time as securing its milk supply.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2017. 

€ 331 K

in funding


Famers with increased or secured revenue


Family members indirectly impacted