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RomaniaSINCE 25/03/2013

“SAMAS” [Sanatate pentru Mame si Sugari, which means Health for Mothers and Babies] is a network of perinatal educators in Romania who help pregnant women and new mothers make informed choices about nutrition and infant care.

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In Romania, an infant dies every 6 hours and more than 20.000 children are born premature, one of the main factors being the lack of perinatal education. In this context, nurses and midwives can have a great impact in in preventing infant mortality as well as in health prevention. According to UNICEF, 80% of the infant mortality can be prevented through education of parents. Also, studies proved that what happens in the first 1000 days of the baby’s life (from conception up to 2 years old) are essential for his development and adult health. 

With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Early Life Nutrition Romania and Red Cross Romania co-created “SAMAS,”. The project has developed a network of Perinatal Educators, who receive both medical and entrepreneurship training, as well as assistance in establishing their professional activities, and who help mothers make informed choices about nutritional and perinatal care for themselves and their babies.

The project has functioned independently since 2016, and has contributed to significantly improving the health and quality of life for pregnant women, new mothers, and their babies.

€ 1.1 M

in co-funding


Nurses trained on perinatal education


Mothers and young parents supported


Humans of ecosystem

Gavrila Izabel Gavrila

Perinatal educator

Women's Empowerment

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