SpainSINCE 27/03/2017

The Renueva project aims to increase recycling in the away-from-home market, while simultaneously training and creating jobs for disabled or socially excluded people.

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In Spain around 79% of litter is recycled, mostly thanks to home waste sorting systems. Yet there are no formal sorting systems in private places like companies, schools, shopping centers and transportation hubs. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Aguas de España and its local partners, Ecoembes and Fundacio Trijinove, Renueva creates a waste collection system and sorting plant, coupled with a Circular Economy Recycling School offering training in waste management with an emphasis on those who are disabled or socially excluded. An interactive app helps to increase participation while educating users, reducing littering and raising awareness about the importance of recycling.

In addition to boosting recycling rates of packages in away-from-home channels, Renueva creates jobs and opportunities, increases the amount of recycled plastic (rPET) in Danone’s product packaging and helps the company to build a trustful relationship with its customers.

€ 1.57 M

in funding


T of PET collected each year


People trained