Punjab 2020

IndiaSINCE 03/09/2015

Punjab 2020 supports dairy farmers, secures the quality and volume of milk supplies and promotes sustainable agriculture and healthy maternal and child nutrition.

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Danone Early Life Nutrition India (Nutricia) sources its entire milk supply in Punjab. Punjab built its wealth through the development of unsustainable agriculture across the state over recent decades. Meanwhile, the nutritional status of women and children in Punjab remains a concern, despite the state’s prosperity. As such, Nutricia and Naandi aim to improve both quality and volume of milk produced by using their expertise in nutrition and community mobilization. With support from Danone Ecosystem Fund, Nutricia and its local partner Naandi, the Punjab 2020 project is encouraging farmers to adopt sustainable agriculture practices and improving their milk production, as well as increasing supply of good quality milk to Nutricia. To do so, the program first trains ‘champion’ farmers (chosen based on their interest for the topic and influence in their communities), who will then embark their whole community and fellow farmers on the sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition journey.

The project promotes healthy nutrition in the rural communities of Punjab, supports the development of sustainable dairy practices in the state and enables some dairy farmers to expand their dairy farms. It helps Danone Nutricia to ensure a sustainable and increasing supply of good quality milk, while strengthening Danone Nutricia’s image as a responsible organization among local stakeholders.

€ 335 K

in funding


People trained to sustainable agriculture practices or good nutritional practices


Community members sensitized to health and nutrition


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