Pousses d’Avenir

FranceSINCE 18/01/2011

To promote sustainable agriculture and help long-term unemployed people back into jobs in the Chablais region of France, Pousses d’Avenir is a center offering professional training programs in organic vegetable production and distribution.

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The social inclusion problems of the Chablais region in France are exacerbated by the remote nature of certain areas, meaning unemployed people have trouble accessing services that could help them.

However, Evian’s watershed is located in Chablais and the Evian plant has a history of commitment to various economic and social development initiatives in the region. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Evian, Le Réseau de Cocagne and local authorities, the Pousses d’Avenir project comprises an organic vegetable garden and training center offering 12 to 18-month rehabilitation contracts for the long-term unemployed.

The project provides in-work training to those facing social and professional difficulties such as unemployment, drug addiction and depression, supporting them as they re-enter the labour market. Pousses d’Avenir helps Evian to strengthen its relationships with local authorities, enhance its general reputation, and boost the commitment of its employees. 

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2014. 


€ 617 K

in funding


Vulnerable people with increased or secure revenue


Families benefitting from organic agriculture