MexicoSINCE 03/01/2012

The Pepenadores project is creating a new waste sorting center in Mexico and empowering waste pickers through training and social support.

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Mexico has a highly-developed recycling industry but a fragile waste management system. Danone meanwhile is looking to address the management of its products while securing its rPET sourcing needs. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Bonafont and its local partner Mundo Sustentable, the Pepenadores project in the city of Mexicali aims to improve working and living conditions for waste pickers, known locally as pepenadores, through a new segregation center as well as by providing them with life skills training.

The project improves pepenadores’ working conditions, offers complementary services such as health coverage to their children and families, and raises awareness about their living conditions and the importance of waste management. Danone Mexico meanwhile strengthens its reputation and secures the sourcing of rPET for its local subsidiary, Bonafont.

The project was exited in 2017. 

€ 4.16 M

in funding


Pickers accessing to social benefits