IndonesiaSINCE 07/10/2016

To help protect and preserve endangered Rejoso watershed in Pasuruan region, Indonesia, Pasuruan project aims to develop an integrated model of watershed management through a public-private partnership.

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Rejoso sub-watershed is facing serious threats such as erosion, illegal logging, changing land use, unsustainable farming practices and illegal drilling. This situation has triggered a reduction of water quantity in the watershed, while flooding and high river pollution becomes serious issues downstream. A lack of environmental awareness among the local population is exacerbated by the area’s lack of water resource regulations. Protecting the Rejoso watershed is critical when it comes to maintaining the quantity and quality of Danone AQUA water. With the support of Danone Ecosystem Fund, AQUA, SII Foundation and ICRAF, Pasuruan project aims to protect and preserve the Rejoso watershed through an integrated multi-stakeholder ‘water alliance’ (public-private partnership).

By reducing illegal drilling and supporting the implementation of a fair new local water resources regulation, this project ensures a stable water level meter in AQUA factory and also secures the quality of water supply.

€ 1.8 M

in funding


Ha with sustainable agriculture practices


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