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RussiaSINCE 23/10/2013

To improve nutrition for child oncological patients, the Nutrition Center of Excellence in Russia is setting nutritional standards and educating doctors and parents about feeding children with oncological diseases both during and after treatment.

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Doctors and parents in Russia are not aware of children’s special nutritional needs during aggressive oncological treatment. Oncological centers are facing nutrition and diet challenges, and patients at home do not have access to enteral nutrition and what’s more, this type of diet is not reimbursed by the Russian social security. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Russia and its local partners, the National Oncology Center of Moscow and the Regional Charity Foundation for Children with serious blood diseases, the Nutrition Center of Excellence Russia project has been set up to improve the diet of children suffering from oncological diseases. The center is based in onco-hospitals across the country and creates nutritional standards for child patients, establishing appropriate diets for them during and after treatment and educating both doctors and parents about appropriate nutritional habits.

Danone aims to raise awareness about appropriate nutrition for children suffering from oncological diseases. The Nutrition Center of Excellence Russia improves the quality of life of children suffering from oncological diseases through the formalization of appropriate nutritional standards, raising awareness among parents and doctors, and providing tools to support children in getting the right nutrition at home.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2017.

€ 1.5 M

in funding


Doctors and nurses trained to adapted nutrition


Children who benefit from a better nutrition and his/her parents