BrazilSINCE 13/12/2013

To help Brazilian families safeguard their livelihoods, Mandacarù aimed at offering training providing the skills to establish milk production businesses.

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Many families in Ceará State in northeastern Brazil were relocated in 2004 to make way for the construction of a dam, facing unemployment as a result. The government had been investing in new infrastructure to help these families get work in milk production. Meanwhile, Danone Brazil was expanding and needed to secure a milk supply in the north east of the country for its plant. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Brazil and its local partners, Technoserve, the Mandacarù project was helping Brazilian families establish milk production businesses. The project invested in common milk parlors as well as providing training in basic farming techniques and sustainable dairy farming practices. It fostered a sense of community and belonging by involving local young people and women in the project, giving them a stake in the future of the relocated community.

The project supported rural development in the region, created better production conditions and facilitated access to the milk market, allowing families to increase their income thanks to the support and training provided. Danone Brazil was then securing the milk supply for one of its plants. The project provides a model for economic development in settlements like this in Brazil.

The project was exited in 2017. 

€ 3.94 M

in funding


Farmers trained