Les 2 Pieds Sur Terre

FranceSINCE 25/10/2017

Les 2 Pieds sur terre supports French farmers in their environmental footprint reduction journey towards 2025. Apart from reducing their costs, carbon footprint reduction will allow them to improve the profession’s reputation and profitability.

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The milk sector represents 6% of France’s greenhouse gas emissions, and 50% of Danone’s own footprint. The image of farming, and its attractiveness as a job, has deteriorated accordingly with the fresh dairy market decreasing by 2% per year due to negative consumer perception. Danone has committed to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Produits Frais France, Les prés rient bios, Idele organization (French Livestock Institute), and MiiMOSA, the Les 2 Pieds Sur Terre project aims to help farmers reduce their environmental footprint, by managing audits to identify the best practices to do so. A MiiMOSA crowdfunding platform allows farmers to share their carbon reduction-related projects, potentially gaining extra funding from civil society (on top of contributions made by the Danone Ecosystem Fund) as well as visibility for their actions to fight climate change. The best practices identified will be disseminated to inspire and support all farmers.

By reducing their carbon footprint, farmers will have a better control of their costs, and an improved income. This project will help restore pride within the farming profession and show civil society that farmers are taking action to combat climate change at their own level. It will help Danone in reducing its own footprint and become carbon neutral in 2050, while enhancing the image of dairy industry towards the general public.

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