H’lib Dzair

AlgeriaSINCE 27/10/2014

To contribute to the sustainability of the small, traditional dairy farming model in Algeria, H’lib Dzair provides farmers with technical expertise as well as individual audits and advice, enabling them to become more competitive and to reduce their ecological footprint.

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Algeria consumes 6 billion liters of milk per year, and because it has a deficit in its domestic supply of fresh milk, it relies on imported powder milk for 50% of its milk consumption (with volatile prices due to taxes on importation and forex fluctuation).

The weakness of the Algerian fresh dairy sector comes from 4 main drivers:
- Low productivity (yield ~10 L/ cow/ day)
- Limited technical knowledge and managerial expertise
- Limited feed availability
- Difficult access to capital to invest in equipment

With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone-Djurdjura Algeria and GIZ International Services, the H’Lib Dzair project is supporting a small sustainable dairy farm model in Algeria. To make farmers more competitive, the project provides technical expertise, individual audits and advice. It also supports investments in appropriate equipment, such as cooling tanks or watering troughs, that fulfill cold chain requirements, and help improve quality and reducing losses. The use of a more adapted feed in the form of locally produced vetch-oats also improves milk productivity while reducing water consumption and CO2 emissions.

As well as supporting smallholders to become more competitive and increase their revenue, H’Lib Dzair fosters the circular economy by encouraging the local production of feed, the use of agro-industrial and agricultural byproducts such as tomato pulp or olive grignons and the development of clean technologies at farm level, such as biodigestors.

Hlib Dzair also pays special attention to empowering women by developing specific training materials and strategies that help women build their capacities, as they are major contributors in the dairy chain.

The project therefore supports rural development in Algeria and strengthens local dairy value chains, leading Danone Algeria to be less dependent on imported milk and making the Algerian dairy sector more resilient.

Under the photography, some of the project's ambitions.


€ 4.2 M

in co-funding


technicians and farmers trained

12 to 18

L per cow/day


Humans of ecosystem

Bouabelou Khalil Bouabelou