Dairy Development in Ciater

IndonesiaSINCE 01/06/2011

To enhance the capacity of small dairy farmers in West Java Province, Indonesia, Dairy Development in Ciater is establishing a self-sufficient network of demonstration farms that offer technical training.

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Indonesian consumption of dairy products is increasing, yet local supplies are less than 20% of the country’s milk needs (The Ministry of Agroforestry Indonesia, 2016), partly because local dairy farmers lack sufficient technical knowledge. Danone Dairy Indonesia, which used to source its milk from KPSBU, a dairy cooperative in Ciater Region, West Java Province, wished to secure the volume and quality of local milk by working with the cooperative members who were mainly smallholding farmers. With support from Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Dairy Indonesia and its local partner Yayasan Sahabat Cipta, Dairy Development in Ciater project was enhancing farmers capacity in the region. Besides forming a network of skilled farmers, the project had also supported smallholding farmers by upgrading their in-house dairy farms with proper feeding (food and water) systems which directly impacted the quality and quantity of milk.

The project has led to a significant increase in milk yield, as well as farmers’ incomes and expertise. Not to mention the project created sustainable jobs through the set-up of demonstration farms. Having reached sustainability, the project is now ended but the cooperative still operates and supplies dairy local industries.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2015. 

€ 975 K

in funding


People trained


Family members benefiting from an increased or secured revenue