Cooperative Demo Farm

UkraineSINCE 19/08/2011

The Ukraine Cooperative Demo Farm offers training to dairy farmers, promoting good practices and supporting the development of a sustainable family farming sector in Ukraine.

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Smallholders produce more than 80% of Ukrainian milk, but mainly for personal use. The sector is made up of subsistence farmers who lack expertise and training, and whose low incomes mean they are unable to develop their businesses. Danone, meanwhile, distributes a large range of dairy products (yoghurts, milk, cream, etc.) in Ukraine and wishes to support the development of milk farming to diversify and secure its sourcing. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Ukraine and its local partners ICF Community Wellbeing, the Ukraine Cooperative Demo Farm offers a new learning center that provides training to promote milking best practices and reinforces the existing Ukraine Milk Communities project.

The two schemes are designed to transform subsistence farming into sustainable family dairy farming and guarantee farmers an increased income. Jobs have been created to manage the Ukraine Cooperative Demo Farm, which helps to reinforce Danone Ukraine’s reputation and credibility as a local dairy industry player.

The project is now independent and has been handed over in 2017. 

€ 2.03 M

in funding


People trained at the farm