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Best Frailty Care

NetherlandsSINCE 22/09/2016

“Best Frailty Care,” a Netherlands-based project (“TOM” in Dutch) helping the elderly to live longer in their own homes, offers an innovative and sustainable care path and helps prevent falls.

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The Dutch healthcare system is experiencing significant financial pressure due to the country’s ageing population, with elderly people expected to represent 26% of the total population by 2050. ‘Smarter’ healthcare, self-management and care-support at home is being actively promoted, with 95% of elderly people in the Netherlands living alone at home. Among this age group, falls and fractures are the first cause of non-disease related death.

With support from the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Nutricia, Philips, ONVZ Health Insurance, and the not-for-profit Veiligheid NL co-created the “Best Frailty Care” project to develop, test and implement services that help to protect the elderly health and their quality of life. The project follows a multi-factorial approach: digital real-time fall monitoring, nutrition, physical activity, social connection. “Best Frailty Care” contributes to strengthening physical functionality and reducing falls.

The project empowers nurses and physical therapists by educating them as to current best practices to reduce falls and injuries from falls. Overall, it aims to reduce falls by 30% among the elderly.

To discover key success factors of Best Frailty Care to preserve the highest degree of autonomy & mobility of elderly, in order to live longer independently at home : [Click here]

€ 1.2 M

in co-funding


Health Care professionals trained to fall prevention

11 000

Elderlies participating in physio trainings