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Best Care Back Home

RussiaSINCE 11/07/2017

To transform the Russian healthcare system, Best Care Back Home develops new services for patients with serious diseases who have left hospital, including support on adapted nutrition, delivered at home by a network of trained nurses and doctors.

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In Russia, there is currently no existing home care system to follow up on patient with serious diseases once they have left hospital, which can lead to longer recovery times for patients and an increased risk of complication. This comes with a lack of awareness as to the importance of medical nutrition for the patient all along the recovery journey, including their time at home. With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Nutricia, the Fund Supporting Children with Serious Disease, K+31, the National Oncology Center and two Health Insurance companies (BCK and Bupa), the Best Care Back Home project is building a home care system in Russia. It is training nurses and doctors on the specificities of home care and the role of adapted nutrition in cancer recovery, thus enabling them to follow-up on patients with serious diseases at home. The new home care path is first implemented in the Moscow region then all across the country. The project also raises awareness as to the importance of patient support after leaving hospital, both among professionals and among society as a whole.

The project is transforming the healthcare system in Russia, raising awareness in government and in health insurance companies of the relevance of home care from a medical and economical standpoint, including adapted medical nutrition. Healthcare professionals are empowered, new jobs are created and patients can benefit from improved recovery journeys.

€ 1.9 M

in funding


Home care professionals and doctors trained


Patients received home care services