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Ukraine cooperative demo farm (Exit/Take–off)



Social & business context

Smallholders produce more than 80% of Ukrainian milk, but mainly for personal use. The sector is made up of subsistence farmers who lack expertise and training, but their low incomes mean they are unable to develop their businesses. 
Danone distributes a large range of products (yoghurts, milk, cream, etc.) in Ukraine and wishes to support the development of milk farming to diversify and secure its sourcing. 

With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Ukraine and its local partners  Heifer Ukraine and the CIDA/SOCODEVI Program co-created the “Ukraine Cooperative Demo Farm” project to reinforce the existing “Ukraine Milk Communities” project. The new learning center provides training to promote milking best practice. The two schemes aim to transform subsistence farming into sustainable family dairy farming and guarantee farmers an increased income.

Social & business impacts
The “Ukraine Cooperative Demo Farm” project empowers small farmers through training. Jobs have been created to manage the demo farm. 
Danone Ukraine diversifies and secures its long-term milk sourcing, and reinforces its reputation and credibility as a local dairy industry player.