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Srikandi Academy (Phase 2)



Indonesia still has major health and nutrition issues related to babies’ first 1,000 days (e.g. MMR 359/100k, BMR 32/1k, stunting 37%), partly due to low awareness and knowledge.  Midwives have a unique role in taking care of mum and baby in the first 1,000 days, and there is a need for them to upgrade their technical competency.

Danone Baby Nutrition Indonesia aims to support mothers and develop awareness of the specific needs of babies and infants in their first  1,000 days among mums, midwifes and healthcare professionals.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Baby Nutrition Indonesia and its local partner, national humanitarian agency PKPU, co-created the “1000 days Indonesia” project to help reduce infant and child mortality in Indonesia. The academy aims to co-design a Ministry of Health-endorsed 1,000 days curriculum and toolkits in collaboration with recognized professional associations to enhance skills among midwives and health workers (managers).


The project enhances the skills of midwives and health workers, which will help reduce stunting and low birth weight and increase breast feeding rates. Better capabilities will also result in increased income for the midwives and health workers.

Danone Baby Nutrition is raising awareness on adequate nutrition, strengthening its reputation and establishing stronger ties with health professionals. 

General Interest
This project contributes to the fight against malnutrition and child mortality in Indonesia.