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Social School for women empowerment


Unemployment is one of the main concern for Spanish population reaching a peak of 4.8 million. Spanish government is currently working to raise awareness of domestic violence. These two trends put together raise the issue of women empowerment and leadership as a path for social and economic inclusion.

Leading a commercial strategy (One2One strategy) that intends to reconnect with the shoppers, Danone Spain launched the Actiladies program in 2011 to train sales ladies to deliver qualitative product information to shoppers. In parallel, Danone Spain maintains diversity and women leadership as priority. 
Danone Spain has a legitimacy to take action to answer the sensitive issue of women victim of gender violence. 

In co-creation with the Fundacion Ana Bella who has a strong expertise in women empowerment of survivors of domestic violence, Danone Spain created the Social School for Women Empowerment . Its objective is to empower women, focusing in excluded populations (such as Abused Women), through training and a first job experience with higher profile. 

It consists in a training Program for best in class ambassadors based on 4 modules: 
  • Product Training, 
  • Sales Training, 
  • Reporting Training 
  • Social Empowerment.
While sourcing the market with high profile, well trained and committed hostess, the school will help women, survivors of domestic violence to have a first job experience.

Within 5 years, the project targets the empowerment and social integration of 300 women, 75% of which will be integrated in labour market.
It will also allow to improve Point of Sales Ambassadors profile: higher knowledge, higher commitment and lower rotation from 63% to 20%.