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In Mexico, 90% of gathered recyclable materials is collected by pepenadores (wastepickers) in streets, waste trucks and dumps, who often work in poor safety and unhealthy conditions. The country is lagging behind in terms of legal acknowledgement and social inclusion of waste pickers compared to other Latin American countries.


Bonafont aims to have traceability of its recycled PET supply chain, in order to secure a socially responsible sourcing.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Bonafont and its local partners, Avina and IRR, co-created the “Reintegra” project to foster the production of socially responsible recycled plastic, and of better quality. A pilot project is running in some neighbourhoods of Mexico City to segregate from origin, make the collection more efficient, and increase the number of recyclables.  The project also aims at creating a standard definition for socially responsible rPET as other innovations to increase second life for Bonafont’s packaging through an intense mapping of the value chain.


Social impacts

The Project allows the wastepickers to have as increased income, with fewer working hours. Reintegra also advocates for the recognizition of informal wastepickers’s job through public policy incidence.


Business impacts

Bonafont supports the organisation and professionalization of the recycling industry in Mexico, while ensuring the traceability and responsible sourcing of its rPET and guaranteeing second life to 100% of its plastics.


General interest

Integration of a recycling chain that today is fragmented. Start selective recycling and the creation of a model that could potentially be rolled out Nationwide.