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Dairy farmers in Germany are mostly dependent to GMO soy importation from Latin America for their feeding needs. And there is only few knowledge transfer between farmers on alternative source of protein. At the same time, German consumers are the most concerned ones in Europe regarding GMO crops and animal Welfare.


A stronger collaboration between Danone, local stakeholders and farmers shall bring a more sustainable milk using non GMO local source of protein, and will  allow to optimize the cost of the animal feed ratio.


With the support of the Ecosystem Fund, Danone Germany, Wageningen University, LFL and LKV aim to change existing feeding rations, to include regional sources of protein and improve the feeding practices of family farmers. The project is optimizing protein feed cultivation in farms, for them to reach self-sufficiency, or to source protein regionally. Its is supporting success  through  farmers empowerment and networking to ensure dissemination of the good practices.


Social impacts

Farmers will be empowered with training on better feeding management, and will be less dependent on  soy importations.

Business impacts

The project contributes to Danone Sustainable Agriculture policy. Danone Germany counts on a renewed relationship with farmers, and more trust and legiticamy towards German consumers.

General interest

The project maintains the agriculture cultural landscape in Bavaria and improves the soil quality.